Demo Name: Valencia


Sometimes you need a little help showing up on the graph. With its bold, electric feel, broad array of color options, and multiple choices in fonts, Valencia will get you noticed. And on your terms.

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Homepage, plus options for a blog, reel, photo gallery, press page, contact information, lead capture, and a bio that links right to your easy-to-share resume. Full social media integration, including Facebook, Twitter, IMDB, YouTube, Vimeo and Pinterest. Mobile-friendly construction that allows anyone to see your work anywhere…on tablets, iPads or smart phones. And plenty of help via our video tutorials on blogging and managing your leads.

Logo Font Recommendations:

Bebas Neue
Nixie One
Pathway Gothic One

Don’t see anything you like?  Although, we recommend one of the above fonts for this particular design, you are welcome to select any font from  


  • Lightning Bolt

  • Orange

  • Spring Green

  • Electric Purple

  • Watermelon

  • Aqua